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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Separation of Fiction and Faith

As disclaimer I am of the Neopagan religious persuasion.

Over the last week I have been bombarded with outrage. Outrage from certain pockets of the Neopagan community over currently released entertainments.

Specifically over: "Hansel and Gretel, witch hunters" and "Beautiful Creatures".

And as this is my own forum I feel able to allow myself to completely, honestly express my thoughts on said outrages: GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

Now that I have rid myself of that excess emotional baggage, I want to delve deeper here about this growing tide of moral outrage with anything even remotely paganish sounding.

Let me be clear: Buffy, Charmed, The Craft, Practical Magic, The Avengers, Harry Potter, LOTR,Excalibur and ad nauseum are ENTERTAINMENTS! They have 0% to do with religion.  Nothing. They reflect nothing about our faiths and add nothing to those faiths.

These are not acts of defamation created to froth those not Neopagan into furies that lead to another Inquisition.

 And all this whining has made my inner Baba Yaga want to grind the bones of this outrage back into common sense!

Let's also shed light on the hypocrisy and double standards (double talk) we as the Neopagan community have with this issue.

We get all pantie twisted when people try to ban Harry Potter from libraries because they mistakenly think those books promote religions, ideas (imagination) they find religiously appalling. Where's our backlash to those in our own community acting similarly?

Some of us were all big eye rolls when Christans were calling for boycotts over "The Last Temptation of Christ". A movie based on those Christian's most holy principle- The Crucifixion and subsequent Resurrection of Christ. Yet we are in arms over Hansel & Gretel?!

Where was your outrage over the Hulk calling Loki a: "puny god"?

Oh that's right it is just a movie.

Can we agree that if non pagans approach us with questions because of these entertainments that we use that time as gentle teaching moments? Preferably done with grace and humor.

Shall we instead use/turn all this misplaced outrage into energy directed at real defamation?

Or at minimum can we stop publicly acting en masse like nitwits who cannot tell fictions from real life?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Farewell 2012, year of brokeness

Choking darkness lifts,
Stretching through heartbreak's waters,
Peace blooms again dearest.
                          -Arden Raine 2012©

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