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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Beginning

It's been a year since I forced myself to summon all my courage and create this blog.

2013 by way of my own oath before Kindreds and Grove was a year of my own creation.

It was apparent early on that though both my husband and I wanted another child it was unattainable in a responsible manner.  The loss of this potential baby was one of the most painful choices I have made in a long time. But our family stability, newly found, would be in supportable with increasing our family from three to four. I would be lying if I didn't say how devastating it was making that decision on both of us.

But my oath had to be kept. And 2013 was indeed a fevered time of my own creation. Photography, blogging, puppetry, props, poetry, essays, art, fiber crafts, jewelry, costuming all flowed from mind to my hands and out into the world.

Seeds sprouted in February were harvested all the way until Halloween.

Mother and child collaborated to bring childhood dreaming to reality.

Yarn and thread sung through my hooks blessing those I love with warmth and care.

Gemstones and glass twisted and knotted to become offerings of friendship and fellowship.

My cameras captured each moment that light and fancy and family dictated I must not lose.

But of all this wonderment in artistic abundance I created something very unexpected. A network of community for myself. Social media connections became as dear as those whose hands I've held. Friends were met and family was added.

Religious peers and mentors became  unexpectedly bountiful and of which I am stunned and  eternally grateful.

And though I suffered greatly this year I created another unintentionally wonderful cycle within myself; one of deepest and profound gratitude for all I experienced in 2013.

I declared 2012 the year of Sorrows. 2013 was the year of Creations. And it is my gentle petition to the universe that 2014  be the year of Balance.

It's my deepest prayer that mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, communal, familial, creative, and relationship balance can be found and maintained.

So thank you all. You journeyed with me from a year so full of heartbreak and loss that I am still not fully recovered to travel with me here through a year of growth, abundance and discovery.  I am so beyond grateful.

My new year is of Balance. 
What do you see as 2014's goal for yourselves?

Kindest regards,