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Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello Beautiful

Hello you beautiful baby!
I promise to gently wake you,
And I promise to not take a single moment for granted.

You're only five days old
But so important and precious as you are full of hope and promise for us both.
Time will go so fast and too soon we'll be saying goodbye so let me snuggle closer and breathe in your soft scent.

Last year's baby brought a lot of pain and loss. But I grew through each heartbeat and am better for it. One sigh, one giggle,  one minute at a time. But honestly I don't know if I can take another such long night.

And the loss and pain and rage seemed to be everywhere with the last baby. No one was left unscathed. 

So maybe if I can be more grateful and kind, you, my new baby will grow into a year of compassionate change and loving good will.

Happy Birthday 2015!

Oops!  I got your nose!