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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Quickening

"There can be only one!" - Victor Kruger
Anyone else feel like they have been repeatedly struck by alien ball lightening lately?
Anybody trotting about their day with the combined wisdom of a thousand vanquished foes in their skulls?
No. Really. Think about this...
It seems to me that life , in general and mine specifically, is trying to get our attention.
70° weather all day and freezing temps at night. There is a pull. A tug towards action. A yank of the collective short hairs to unglue creation from stagnation of winter and partake in frenzied creation.
Can you feel it? Doesn't it thrum down your bones like bass in a crowded club? 
Create! Nurture! Express! Move! Live!
Stop letting the dross claw at your ankles. Stop letting wanna be boogie men tear your emotional flesh. Stop allowing broken, tired, un-useful, hurtful, rejected ways of being try to smother you in their world of imaginary darkness.
We live in complexity. Life is a dance of vines interwoven and constantly shifting patterns. But bitches we do own seam rippers for a reason!
Cut away, free yourself from silken shackles. Be the chrysalis and emerge.
Whack the head off that medieval bully and let the thunder peal. And rejoice in being alive!
We carry so many voices inside us. Let's cull the negative ones and feed the positive voices.
Because who doesn't need more sexy Scottish Spaniards in their inner monologue?