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Friday, June 14, 2013

Beyond Words

My beloved I am devoted to you.
My love has no words that adequately can express how joyously bound to your soul my own has become over the last twenty years.
You have been for me all I ever needed in friend, companion and in darkest times father to my wounded inner child.
My love for you needed perfect voice. My words and actions seemed paltry and unworthy of you.
Then together our bodies and souls merged and we created perfection.
Here my love is the perfect expression of my trust, care and joy I share with you.
I gave you the best gift I could.
I made you Daddy.
I am sorry I made you wait so long.
I am amazed and humbled daily with your strength and gentleness with her.
You my precious man are so loved, so cherished and found to be so funny, so 'adordable' by your girls.
Happy Father's Day.
And happy anniversary early. I am better because of your love, patience and friendship.
And forgive me my public emoting.
Everyone needs to bask in your awesomeness.

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