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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Everyday Death and I
do a slow dance.
I look up longingly
trying to read Her face.
Today? Today perhaps?
But alas no. Not today.
Some days I twist
and turn my face from her
and whisper
Today? Must it be today?
But thankfully no. Not today.
Sometimes we move swiftly
across the floor.
Our feet gliding in and out
To and away.
Today? Is it today?
But no. Not today.
My whole life we've been
moving in this tango.
I know all life does.
But our bond is closer
We are more intimate.
There have been so
many days in which
I cry:
Today!! It is today!
But no. As you can see, not today.
Death dances thus with
others I love too.
Each day they glide and
dip and spin with Her.
And all too many have asked:
Today? Is it today?
And have heard:
Today we dance no more.

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