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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Musings on being a champion: Siul a linn, a Lugh

This weekend our Grove celebrated it's  23rd consecutive Lughnassadh. That's an amazing milestone!

Our tradition has a twofold action plan.

Lughnassadh Games in which feats of strength,  crafting, performance and culinary prowess are tested and the efforts of the participants are offered up in honor of Lugh the Lord of all Skills.
Followed by ADF style liturgical arc.

This is my 2nd Lughnassa with my Grove.
Last year family time trumped rock tossing and poetry.

So I felt a need to try. And I entered all the competitions but the foot race. I live by my motto "run when chased!"

So I brewed ( cold brewed herbal tea) and baked and prepared as best I could picnic feasting fare.

I memorized song and attempted to add a beautiful poem. (I read the poem anyway as I just wanted to read it for Him.)

I arm wrestled and spear chucked.
I sculpted the well at the center of the world.

I laughed. I worried.  I had tremendous stage fright with my song that I worked so hard to perfect.  But blossomed in the reading of my hearts true offering.

I helped facilitate our liturgy.

I gathered and ran with the rest of the folk as Thunderbird determined we were done praying under the open sky.

And inexplicably I have been honored as Grove Champion this year.

But what does that mean to the liturgical processes?

How do I lay the laurels for a diety that I visit one day a year?

If our efforts are the offerings how do we as a community shore up when called to task when those offerings are deemed lacking.

Am I as the honored hero the one to carry forth the extra effort? How do I do so?

What is expected of the champion.  Surely I needn't fear the fate of 'the fatted' from who's blood ensures next year's harvests.

How do we honor the responsibility of excellence?

It was fun. But it's serious on a level I truly didn't contemplate as I made banana bread.

No longer a man of wheaten effigy but now a Kindred with high expectations.

And what of Lady Sovereignty?  The spirits of our sacred land of waters made manifest? How do I as Champion honor the Genis Loci?

So much more than fun and games. As always these days I ask myself in what way must I be of service.

Siul a linn, a Lugh.
Walk with me Lugh.
For sure!

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