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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Genesis of the Story Track

A few months back I was asked to participate in an informal photography challenge by my good friend Kim Rullo of
Mother Blue blog fame:
https://motherblue.wordpress.com/about-2/. Kim is an amazing designer and mom and wife and artist and soul. Seriously check her work out!

We have been doing little once a day images based on a theme and this was a challenge to take photos and add short poems or stories to complement the images.

I adore the concept.  My two favorite artistic endevours in one place? Sign me up.

Oddly it never occurred to me to share here with all of you. So I shall be adding to my blog any story tracks I create and share on social media. And in the last week I have had daily entries.

I posted them to my blog's Facebook page (search: Arden Raine) already so forgive the crossover.

I hope my photographs and writing please.  Some are truthfulness yet some are musing and whimsy. It's your job to decide which.


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