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Monday, April 6, 2015

Polite Ultimatum (Story Track #11)

As I strolled through the park grounds on a lovely spring morning an icy chill ran up my spine.
That feeling of being watched, nay stalked clenched my bowels.
Eyes pryed away my outer selfhood and left only my primal core. But no matter where I looked only semi-bucolic normalcy was to be spied.
Then as I reached the front door step I found the note:
Dear Human Fe/male (you all look and smell the same),
The food dispensing machines have been broken for years! Fix them post haste.
Full suet goodness is expected immediately upon your receipt of this message.
Now fill the baskets and back away slowly. We expect your compliance and your kat to be locked safely behind the invisible forcefield by no later than 0800.
In Antici.......
The Squirrels,  Erm, we mean the Robins!  Yeah. The Robins that's the ticket.

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