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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sweet Libertine Cosmetics (A review or perhaps a love story)

A friend posted a picture on social media of a company that had a line of mineral eyeshadows that were based on the beloved TV show Firefly.
Thus begins my saga...
I really loved the idea and went to the site  http://sweetlibertine.com/ and saw the gorgeous pigments for myself. Alas I wasn't able to purchase at that time. But I did share the snot out of the link via my own social media page. Geek girls rally behind nerdy things!
Fast forward about a half a year...
I decided to try Sweet Libertine cosmetics. I knew I wanted pigments from the Firefly + Serenity collections.
My first order was of Browncoat, Reaver's Space, and a non collection shade called Fiasco. Little did I realize what I had begun.
These mineral pigments are beyond amazing. So rich and beautiful.  They stay really well without primer and are darn well unmoveable when applied with an eye primer. Most products are vegan but certain shades are not but are clearly marked.
I apply them mostly dry, they blend like butter. But add a few drops of saline  (I like Dollar Tree's Pure Eyes) and the pigments can be used as liquid liners. Or use as creme shades that are deeper in color than when applied dry.
Each order arrives wrapped in sweet tisse paper with a logo sticker and satin ribbon and comes with free samples. These details are so above and beyond the price point (around 6.00 per 5gm pot) that it's mind blowing!!
Did I mention that Sweet Libertine Cosmetics is a small business? Sarah (the owner) is based in Cincinnati Ohio so I consider it local to me here in Pittsburgh. 
I will loudly trumpet my love for local businesses, and woman owned businesses especially make me glad to share my love!
Since my first order I have reordered 5 more times. My 5gm pot total is 16, with 2 more on the way. 6 of those colors were purchased directly due to the samples coming with each order. (Best marketing device ever.) And I have also ordered several eyeshadow sample 10 shade packs (each sample is 4 -5 applications) and other samples which I will review later.
I have product from several other special collections: The Valentine's day XXX collection which is a yearly limited run with adult themed names and luscious colors and from the Something Happened on the Day He Died collection  which was inspired by David Bowie,  and even from Friendship is Magic collection though I bought the shade Diamond Dogs as my own Bowie tribute.
Sweet Libertine also has mineral correcting powers, blushes,  highlight, and mineral veils .  I have purchased samples of all of these.
I wasn't sure about the Translucent mineral veil powder sample but it grew on me. I plan to order a full size soon.
I tried the yellow correcting powder but it was too pale for me and make my under eye grey and ugly. Sarah has a FB group and has asked about the correctors and will be adding more to the line. She has a full line of shades. I will definitely try these again once a peach type shade is available as my under eye is a deep blue tone that yellow doesn't really correct.
I purchased one of each blush shade: Spry, Radiant, Dewy, and Glowing. Spry is a rosy tone, Radiant (my favorite) is a warm peach tone, Dewy is a soft peach with shimmer and Glowing is golden with shimmer.  I use Dewy and Glowing as highlights only as they are extremely sparkling and I felt like a two bit vampire the time I wore as blush! (Speaking of vampires, there was at one time a Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection!)
My deepest desire is for the eye pigments!  I seriously have purchased for the creative names alone (XXX collection: Sparklecunt, Fuck Me Pumps, and Crotchless Panties) but even cute/clever names aside the colors are always lovely and wearable. Even the glitter shades.
I use my pigments all sorts of creative ways. I have added them to clear nail polish for one of a kind looks, I  have added them to melted bases and made lip tints. And very little of the pigments are needed to shade this way.
So much value!
One last thing in my love note, the service is beyond fabulous! Twice now Sarah has gone above and beyond for me personally.  I wanted the shade Jayne's Hat from that very first picture shared. It wasn't in stock when I had placed my 1st order. And I had literally placed my second order when the next day Jayne's Hat came back into stock. I mentioned this on the group FB page. And Sarah messaged me immediately and added the new pot to my order without charging me extra shipping.
She's quick to contact and is so very kind. I think this is a one woman show. (Not sure but I believe that to be the case.) All these pigments are created, named, packaged and sent by her. I'm just in awe of the loving care tied into each item.
Run, don't walk, and try Sweet Libertine Cosmetics now!
(I am in no way being paid for this review. I have purchased all products reviewed.)
Photos: Double row swatches are purchased shades application wet and dry; single row swatches are current samples applied wet and dry; me in a smokey eye look created with Sweet Libertine Cosmetics.

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